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L U X E  B O U D O I R

Empowering you, to be you!

Walk into a relaxed environment where you are encouraged to embrace and BE yourself.

We all wonder what it would be like to see ourselves in a way we all tend to neglect or shy away from. Or perhaps you wish to capture images to surprise your significant other.

We welcome you to our brand new session Luxe Empowerment, where we empower you to truly be YOU!


What's Involved

Luxe Boudoir is designed for woman, men and couples over the age of 18 years.


Your package includes:

  • 1.5 hours closed studio session

  • Senior Photographer 

  • Viewing and design 

  • Detailed style guide 

  • Refreshments 

Book your Private Session

Things to Know

Our Location 14 Dunkerley Place, Waterloo NSW 2017

What to bring.

We will personalise each shoot so that it is tailored to you. During this call, we will discuss everythign you will need to know and items we'll require you to bring.

Will I have to get nude?

You call the shots and you will be in absolute control. You certainly do not have to go nude and can opt for lingerie, lacy garments/under garments and heels. The level of clothing will strictly be at your level of comfort.

Hair and makeup.

We want you to be you! This session is designed to capture your unique beauty with great photography and lighting. Keep your makeup natural and your hair looking clean and bouncy. We will discuss this in more extent during your prestyle.

How do I pose?

We have experienced photographers who will not only guide and direct you, they will interact with you to ensure we are capturing the best version of you!

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