Newborn Portrait Photography

Your Unforgetable Experience

Understanding your needs allows us to persoanilse your experience with us. 


Your Consultation

Your Story is our Inspiration.

Understanding you and what is important to you is the first step in creating a truly memorable portrait photography experience for you and your family. 

Your first step at Luxe Portraits is a consultation with your Senior Photographer to allow us a clear understanding of what you wish to walk away with. 

We want to tailor the Experience and make it all about you ensuring a truly memorable time and capturing the bond shared between your loved ones. 


Your Session

Our Photographers will go above and beyond to create a truly comfortable environment to ensure a memorable time in our studio capturing magical moments shared between you and your loved ones.

Luxe Experience .jpg

Your Viewing and Design

The final step of your experience at Luxe Portraits is a cinematic presentation of your beautiful imagery.  

This is where you'll decide whether it's digitals or artwork you wish for us to create for your everlasting memories for your home.


Your Artwork 

We offer a wide range of high quality wall art, blocks and digital images. However you wish to display your beautiful memories, we will design and produce your art work that will be a constant reminder of the bond shared between you and your family. 

Wall Art and Product Range